Portfolio Criteria

Rok seeks to build a diversified assortment of properties and assets in strategic locations across the United States. The company invests in properties that generate income and yield appropriate risk-adjusted returns with correspondingly low volatility, adequate liquidity, and low correlation to broad market indices.

We are guided by a disciplined investment philosophy and process. Our goal is to source, evaluate, and invest in select income-generating multifamily and commercial real estate properties that are overlooked by less experienced and less opportunistic investors, or that are too large and complex for investors with insufficient resources and infrastructure.

We are also engaged in ground-up development, as well as the redevelopment of distressed properties or select historic landmark properties. We utilize advanced risk management techniques and portfolio modeling capabilities to professionally underwrite its acquisitions.

We make investments that capitalize on market inefficiencies by opportunistically acquiring undervalued property and/or distressed loans by utilizing long-standing banking, institutional, and governmental relationships. Capital preservation and risk management are the primary objectives of the management team. We are vertically integrated and have the extensive resources and infrastructure required to source, analyze, value, purchase, service, manage and dispose of real estate properties and assets, or retain acquisitions when warranted.

We provide the potential for value-added returns based on strong, disciplined real estate management, leasing, and marketing. The management plan is designed prior to the completion of the acquisition so that it can be immediately executed upon closing. Depending on the location and property type, management may be delegated to a third-party, handled directly, or kept in place through an arrangement with the existing staff. Due to the critical nature of management in achieving value-added returns, we maintain tight supervision over every aspect of property management and operations.